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system gps


Input analysis:

track and duration of a journey

places and duration of stops

length of a journey
(calculated automatically)

sale figure (quantity and value)

impropriety warnings
(eg. deception)

available goods on stock
(stock control)

transport and job costs

speed in each part of a journey plus average speed of journey and the highest registered speed in chosen section of a journey.

System receives data straight from the satellite, this insures the data is factual. The whole process is comparative. The data is displayed in charts, schemes, comparisons and summaries. It guarantees an effective analysis and control of represen- tatives' work.

Time and financial savings are evident and are one of the main reasons of decision to buy ACRES system. It is a good investment and the return is realizable in several months from implementation.


ACRES system was designed to reveal real costs and to input and transfer purchase orders in an easy way. Costs and income make analysis of effectiveness that is possible to be done. It can be focused on a representative or on a Point of Sale.

Apart from sales figure, system can gather other activities or events like marketing actions, our own or / and competitior's ones. All this may help managers to research the market, control their employees and make right decisions.


ACRES system is composed of 4 elements:

assembled in the car

PALMTOP to input purchase orders
and data acquisition

with IrDA port
(provided by client)



1) Instead of palmtop we can offer you (HI) Hand Interface device to input purchase orders. The data are not transferred through IrDA port but gathered in flash card and read (through flash card reader) into the computer periodically.

2) ANCOM does not provide client with mobile phones therefore all the charges consequent on GPRS service depend on operator's price list. If you choose HI instead of palmtop, mobile phone is not required, you can use flash card and flash card reader, available in the office.


ACRES system functions:

stock control at anytime

direct transfer of purchase orders to supplier

cost indentification depending on genesis (places of formation)

elimination of hidden costs (while car using and representative's work)

saving on paper documents

monitoring of sales and marketing activities

Points of Sale and representatives' profitability control

complex reporting system

providing essencial information, displayed in charts, comparisons and summaries, which helps managers in making decisions

monitoring various kinds of devices, operating in the car

impropriety warnings (if something is beyond the admitted standards and procedures)

printing documents directly at the Point of Sale, no need to enter the system twice and to use traditional post office service - all this possible thanks to mobile printer as an optional accessory


Additional functions are available in ACRES system, like registering some factors, for example: temperature, pressure, voltage, furthermore some facts / status, like turning on / off any device, assembled in the car. There are so many possibilities to use the system, it can be applicable in vans or trucks adapted to transport products demanding special conditions. Being aware of diversification of our prospective clients we adjust our offer according to the type of business and client's individual needs.

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analiza kosztów

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