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rise of representatives' effectiveness

hidden costs reduction

prevention of abusing during worktime

rise of client's grafitication of agile logistic service (shorter delivery time and just in time)

efficient work control

rise of effectiveness and competitive advantage among other companies in the market

lack of period fees.


It is certain you can succeed thanks to access to useful information, shown in charts, comparisons and summaries, data is prepared relating to every employee, vehicule and taking into account chosen period.

User can decide, which elements will be in the report and establish standards (that helps to find employees' abuses).

ACRES system indicates black economy (it means events generating unwanted costs), this is a good basis to rationalisation.


There is no way to compute all benefits (financial and non-financial as well) you can receive thanks to implementation of ACRES system. Trying to estimate return on investment date you should take into account:

information flow rationalisation - you don't need to incur costs of the communication between representatives and suppliers any more (neither fuel nor additional worktime nor internal documents);

simple and efficient control method of representative's work:
worktime savings - no need to write reports by filling in paper or electronic forms
higher motivation and effectiveness
savings on managers' worktime (which is a real asset in a firm; wasting managers' time makes bigger loss than wasting any other employee's worktime);

economical using of a car by representatives, applying to procedure at work and regular visiting Points of Sale through:
less fuel consumption
longer time of using a car and lower transport costs
higher profit (more purchase orders - bigger turnover - higher profit).

Imagine if you could cut only a few percentage off each mentioned figures, cost decline together with increase of effectiveness would compensate whole purchase price of ACRES system within first several months.


Data in care security
(sale figure, marketing data, know-how etc.)
is assured thanks to:

security system applied
for server application

accessibility to the system
depending on powers (privileges)

privacy policy

data transfer via GPRS
(no chance to interfere the data).

The synchronization is activated several times a day, this procedure can also make your employee feel more secure.


Flexibility and simplicity of the system is due to:

possibility of multi-configuration of client’s functions (system can be designed specially relating to client's individual needs and type of business)

continuous implementation of any changes in the operation of the system

user friendly interface, in particular: easily understandable orders, layout and bookmarks leading from general to particular information

the system is able to take advantages of given inputs and to predict trends

accessibility to the system at anytime according to an individual need

remote modification and configuration of the system.


Our system was acknowledged successfully by Premium Foods summer 2004

ACRES has been acclaimed as an innovative product by specialists in management at the University of Economics in Krakow.

We cooperate with Ameritege, a company from the USA - their recommendation indicates our products nad service's superior quality .

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